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AME8501BEFVBA22Z Datasheet

µProcessor Supervisory

General Description
The AME8500 family allows the user to customize the CPU reset function without any external components. The user has a large choice of reset voltage thresholds, reset time intervals, and output driver configurations, all of which are preset at the factory. Each wafer is trimmed to the customers specifications.
● Small packages: SOT-23, SOT-89
● 11 voltage threshold options
● Tight voltage threshold tolerance ---±1.50%
● 5 reset interval options
● 4 output configuration options
● Wide temperature range -------- -40oC to 85oC
● Low temperature coefficient --- 100ppm/oC(max)
● Low quiescent current < 3.0µA
● Thermal shutdown option (AME8501)
● Portable electronics
● Power supplies
● Computer peripherals
● Data acquisition systems
● Applications using CPUs
● Consumer electronics

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